The Intentional Christian

Entering the Kingdom of God is not the end of the story for the Christian. While escaping from hell is a worthy goal for many people, it is only the beginning where God’s plans for us are concerned. When we look through the Bible we see many principles and stories which show us that there is so much more to our spiritual walk with God than just that.

The Intentional Christian leads the reader through the steps to spiritual maturity by using the principles and lessons of the Sermon on the Mount as found in Matthew 5-7. Within its pages the author discusses the difference between gifts and blessings, the role of rewards within the Kingdom of God, how Cause and Effect applies to our everyday lives, the importance of what we expose ourselves to, the keys to worry-free living, and the three major facets of true worship. Topics under discussion include: Intentional Blessings, Intentional Freedoms, Intentional Worship, Intentional Peace, Intentional Justice, Intentional Righteousness, and  Foundation of the Intentional Life.

There are exercises at the end of each major topic that will help the reader apply the principles discussed into his or her own life experience. This lends itself well toward group discussions and Bible study classes. Whether you are a brand new Christian or a seasoned veteran, The Intentional Christian shows how you can become a more active partner in your own spiritual growth and direction.

This is my first published work and I’m very excited about this. I am working on other volumes and will include these as they are available. Click on the image below to order your copy on


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