An Aside

Genesis 43:32 So they served him by himself, and them by themselves, and the Egyptians who ate with him by themselves, because the Egyptians could not eat bread with the Hebrews, for that is loathsome to the Egyptians.

I had forgotten how good it is to open up and consider the text of the Bible on a regular basis. I had fallen into the trap so many other have done, of thinking that I could go a day or two without reading the Bible or meditating on God or centering myself on the truly valuable in this world before setting out for my day.

Apart from the blog posts that this devotional time has allowed me, I am finding that I am really benefiting from these small touches of the spiritual. I pray that I can really follow through on this over the long run, that this become a natural extension of my life, that it continues to shape who I am and what I am all about.

There are so many things that I want to say and do with my life and it appears that many of the platforms that used to be available to me are taken away. There is very little else for me to use aside from this “shot in the dark” blog where I write , publish and then hope and pray that someone will be interested enough in my words (or they like the logo on the header) to give me a few minutes of their time. For you, I am grateful. Thank you.

That I am able to fill up an editable part of an application on my computer also brings me a sense of fulfillment. I hate to see things left undone and have often rearranged my days just to complete some little task that would otherwise be of little consequence to me or anyone else. Something of an OCD moment for me, I know – gotta work on that.

But more importantly that any of these is the sense that I am, in some small way, reaching out and touching the eternal at the beginning of my day. This is the true gem of this time, that I am taking the time out of the rest of my day to spend with God, that I may, somehow, become a better person than I was yesterday, that I would grow in some small way, learning something that I haven’t before. This, I think, is the greatest benefit of the time.

It has been about two weeks now, since I’ve begun this different approach to reading the Bible. So far I’ve been pleasantly surprised how varied the passages have been, even in this small frame of reference. Getting up every day and wondering what I will find today is part of what is getting me out of my bed in the morning. I don’t dread the day because I will have a mystery to explore right from the get go. Even after I leave the journal and prepare to go to work I ponder the passage and how I reacted to it, whether or not there was some better way I could have considered it, some other light I could have shone on it. And, over time, I find some small change taking place deep within my soul, and I like what I see.

I was so convinced of the more methodical ways of approaching the Bible, thinking them superior to the randomness of the devotional. I’m having to re-evaluate my earlier assessment. I’m certain that I will be doing a lot of this regarding other topics as well as we go along. I appreciate those of you who have chosen to follow with me.

I know, this is not really the best exploration of the passage – we could have explored the nature of prejudice and how it is a human thing and not at all of God, but I’m sure we will have a lot more opportunity to do that in the future.

Have any thoughts? Join in the dialogue! We’d love to hear them.

Until next time, via con Dios.

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