God’s Logic

Jeremiah 18:9 “Or at another moment I might speak concerning a nation or concerning a kingdom to build up or to plant it;

We have our priorities and biases that help us get through our lives. In many cases these help us cut down the decision time on any given choice. If I am biased toward Rocky Road over Butter Pecan, my time at the ice cream freezer is cut down considerably when I am grocery shopping. This also helps us when we are choosing political candidates to represent us at the various levels of our government (within the democratically elected world). We know what we like and what we look for in leadership and choose those who best represent our interests.

The political landscape of the United States, over the past thirty years or so, has become increasingly polarized with regards to party politics. I have seen one president’s policies vehemently shot down by the opposing party for any number of reasons. When the administration changes hands at the next election and the loyal opposition is now in charge, the next president promotes the exact same policy he once decried, with the former supporters of the bill now in hysterical opposition to it. What is this aside from putting the needs of the party over the good of the nation? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that the art of compromise is no longer the name of the game, at least in the nation’s capital. But this is not about politics. It is about the way God works.

This verse comes in a passage in which the Lord is essentially saying, “What is it to you if I choose one nation for destruction and another for promotion? Or, if the one nation repents of its sin and turns to Me and I choose to stay My hand, or if the other nation does evil in my sight and I loose judgment upon it? What is it to you?”

The world is in God’s hands and He is the potter molding each of us in the ways he chooses. Who are we to argue with His reasons for doing what He does? We may think we know the rationality behind God’s actions, but even the brightest theologians among us are hard pressed to claim that we know it all. Sure, there are natural, economic and spiritual laws that govern the way the world works and things will work in accordance with them. But when the Lord moves in ways that are contrary to our own priorities and biases, it is not our place to lay the blame on Him.

“Lord, why did you allow that despicable person to live when her victims’ bodies are lying in their graves?”

“Lord, why did you allow that politician to gain office when he upholds ideals that are contrary to Your written Word?”

“Lord, why did she get promoted over me at the office, when I have been faithful to You for so long?”

The answers to these, and all the other questions we have regarding how unfair the world is, lies with the fullness of the principles and plans God has for the world, for the country and for us as individuals. When we get to the point where we actually do know as much about the Lord’s motivations and plans as He does, then we will comprehend why things happen the way they do. Until then, wisdom counsels a policy of respectful inquiry for the benefit of our edification.

What do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Until next time, Via con Dios!

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