Changing Direction, Gaining Momentum, Pt. 2

Previously on Enoch’s Walk

Yesterday I shared part of my journey in getting us to the point where we are today. Though it has been a rather long and, at times, haphazard trek, I thought it important to understand how I got to this point and why I am making the changes I’m proposing.

Today I will get more into the nitty-gritty of what the posts will look like and some of the rules I will follow from this point until we changes things up again (just being honest about it).

Changing Direction

In the past I tried to come up with observations on the world and new things to say about what is happening around us. For anyone who doesn’t write for a living, allow me to tell you that this is an incredibly difficult thing to sustain over a long period of time. Coming up with something every once in a while is fine, but doing so on a regular basis, even on a weekly basis takes a lot of effort. For someone like me, who have to also juggle a full-time job and the responsibilities of a family while writing the Great American Novel (coming soon to a bookseller near you!) makes keeping up with a blog darn near impossible.

With my decision to focus on seeking God’s will for my life by jumping back into the Bible on a daily basis, I have gotten the opportunity to reflect on how even the most obscure passage can influence my spiritual direction over the course of a day or for the rest of my life. Of less importance, I have found something on which I can write every day that I do this. It only seemed like a natural extension of the personal journal to adapt it for a more public consumption.

If I had problems coming up with some topic to write on, I found that I was never at a loss for talking about the Bible. Give me any verse, any passage, no matter how problematic you deem it, and I will be able to say something about it and tie it to our everyday situation.

Reminds me of the time when I told my co-workers that I could thank God for anything. Just about that time our supervisor came in and gave us all sorts of what-for about the whatsit of the day. After he left, my colleagues turned to me as if to say, “Well?”

Without missing a beat, I said, “Thank God he’s gone from the room.”

I don’t want to brag, but the whole purpose of this dialogue was to bring our relationship to God out of the hallowed halls of the sanctuary and the Church School class, to return it where it belongs; in the marketplace, the boardrooms, the athletic fields and the classrooms. It was not intended to push some right-wing, evangelistic agenda, but to enable us to live our lives in the presence of God. I think that will this different approach, I have finally found the way to accomplish this mission. This is something that I know I can do.

So I am announcing (another) change in the format and direction of this site (Cue Fanfare). Regarding the format (more can be added later):

  1. I will let the e-Sword App decide from day to day what I passage I will consider. Since this is supposed to be completely random, this should provide about 31,103 days if we use the protestant Bible, 35,528 if we use the Catholic Bible. Assuming we do this 7 days a week without a break, this comes to approximately 85 years and almost 2 and half months for the Protestants, or 97 years, 4 months for the Catholics out there. This will be more than enough for us to discuss.
  2. I will still hold to the “Context is King” principle that has guided me in all things pertaining to God’s word for all my adult life. Every verse will be seen in light of the surrounding paragraph, which in turn is seen in light of its chapter, which is seen in light of the book, which is seen in light of the whole. Only God can use something out of context and make it work all the time. When we attempt it, we get into trouble.
  3. Mine is not the last word on the subject. I welcome your input, whether a question about the passage or sharing some story of your own that pertains to the topic of the day. I want to hear from you. This is the way we will learn and grow and become the agents of change we all wanted to be when we grew up.
  4. I do reserve the right to insert topical posts from time to time. There are still things I want to say and I will look for the opportune times to compose and post them. these may not be in addition to the Bible Posts, but may substitute for them on the days they are posted. I will tag these posts as TOPICAL so they will be easier to find later on.
  5. Speaking of tags, in addition to whatever subject or topic the passage discusses, I will also tag the posts according to the Library (Torah, History, Gospels, Letters, etc.), the testament and the book in which it is found. For those of you who may want to go back to see all that we discussed about the prophet Joel, for example, will be able to do so easily.
  6. I am coming from the Judeo-Christian standpoint and will most likely speak from that tradition. This, however, does not mean that other faith’s and religions are not welcome. Enoch’s Walk pertains to our most fundamental spiritual journey. As the story of Enoch (Genesis 5:18-24) speaks of a time prior to the giving of the law, so we seek to emulate his example to live our lives in the very presence and acknowledgement of the spiritual aspects of this universe.
  7. To repeat myself, I do want to hear from you. I consider this a dialogue and I want to engage with you about how you are walking out your relationship with God.

Gaining Momentum

The neat thing about going about this change is that I am already working on the daily journal writings in the e-Sword app and finding that I am getting some good insights into the things of this world as I look at what many would consider to be obscure and often overlooked passages. It should not be too much of a burden for me to transfer these over to the blog site and publish them on a very regular basis.

I will try to post new articles 3 to 5 times a week. If I deem an entry too personal to share with the rest of the world, I hope you will understand. Likewise, when I go on vacation, if I fall short of my weekly goals, I trust you will give me some slack.

Thank you for your time in reading this rather lengthy, two-part introduction. I hope you will consider joining me on this journey and engaging with me your own sojourn.

Until next time, via con Dios.

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