The Secret to Successful Writing

I am writing a book. I’ve always wanted to write the Great American Novel
and I suppose that this is my attempt at it. Recently I read somewhere that the best way to write a story is to emerge yourself totally in the world you are writing about and then simply report what you experience.

I like that. I has given me tremendous freedom as I am composing this story. I feel like I’m sitting in the room with the characters and listening in on their conversations, and struggling with them during the harrowing times in the midst of the adventure.

Our walk with the Lord is a lot like that. If we are to get the best experience with Him, we need to totally immerse ourselves in the story of which we are the stars. This is not a spectator sport and neither are we to give less than our all for the kingdom of God.

So, with that being said, How’s your walk with the Lord been?

And I will keep you abreast of how the novel is doing. Promise.

Via con Dios!

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