Relaxing in Malibu

The other day I was not having a good time. It was the weekend and I really did want to rest some from the work week that I had just gone through, but I also had a lot of work to accomplish to achieve victory over that recent event that I wrote of previously. It was Saturday morning and my wife had her own errands to run and I thought that I would take care of the work that I had on my own plate. On the day when I should have been relaxing in the family room watching the Olympics or some other sporting event, I was busy at my computer wracking my brains over the right things to write that would get us out of the current situation. Somehow in all this I managed to upset my wife by apparently communicating with her that I had more important things to do than to hang around with her. Not a good situation. After she got home and managed a short nap she (read that we) felt better and I put my work aside and we went out for part of the evening.

The next day we got ourselves up, dressed and off to church, after which we went out to eat and then did a little shopping on our way home. While we did have a good time while we are out and about my mind kept going back to the work I wanted to do. I had been focused on this project nearly single mindedly for almost two full weeks and I felt that. I was getting very close to a significant milestone in the work that I was doing. What I didn’t want to do was window shopping.
By the time we did get home all I wanted to do was lay down for my own nap, but I had chores to do that needed to be done that day so that I could get back to on Monday, among which was mowing the lawn (believe me, this couldn’t wait any longer).

It was while I was mowing the lawn that I finally snapped. First a line of cyprus trees that borders our yard managed to slap me in the face multiple times as I tried to mow under them. Next the seal on the grass bag finally broke due to a weakening spring and I got a steady stream of grass and all kinds of other stuff that I will leave to your imagination. Then another tree branch caught the line to my headset and unplugged my music unceremoniously just before IT slapped me in the face. At this point I just lost it. I grabbed the pruning shears and trimmed the trees, and not for Christmas either. I then tried to fix the seal on the grass catcher … Keep in mind that if the springs were not holding the thing down for the grass to stay in the bag it certainly would not hold it in long enough to be mulched. That didn’t work and won’t until I can get the blasted parts replaced. I wound up getting grass blown in my face for the hole time that I mowed.

Once the lawn was finally done, I went inside, took a shower and just gave up for the rest of the day. I didn’t want to talk to anyone and I didn’t want to see anyone. My wife could tell I was angry and she left me alone for the rest of the day.

Now, I said all that to say this. There are times when, no matter how focused we are on the good work that we are doing, we need to step away and enjoy that life we have in from of us. I envision the peaceful scenario of sitting in a beach chair in Malibu, California watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean, a cold beer in hand and good friends who know the importance of allowing the breeze and the surf do all the talking. Who cares if there are others playing beach volley ball just over there, I’m in a place of peace and tranquility where I am.

Yesterday I needed to be in Malibu, wherever I happened to physically be at the moment. Taking time off from our labors can save us a great deal of grief and heartache on the long run. My very long streak of not letting the world bother me for the past two years came to a crashing halt this last weekend. I’ll have to start again to let God handle the heavy lifting of the burdens in my life.

OK, so that was a bit disjointed, but I think you get the point. Our wal through life isn’t always going to be smooth. We just have to learn to deal with the hiccups as they occur. Taking time off to relax and enjoy life will help. There I think that was put a bit better.

Via con Dios everyone!

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